Thursday, December 1, 2016

Mad Carnage

A new type of a turn based tactical game

Are you a fan of the old school turn based strategy games? We made a mobile game for you.

Mad Carnage is a tactical game designed specifically for mobile devices. It has intuitive controls, solid AI and simple rules, set in a car-mad post-apocalyptic world.

Mechanics are unique, adapted from a paper and pencil game. Rules are simple, but enable over a dozen of tactical moves, including dogfights, hit-and-run attacks, grab-by-the-nose-and-kick-in-the-ass and many more. It's difficult and there’s no randomness. 


Tuesday, August 25, 2015

Cat's Memory - Baby Songs FREE

Got kids? I made an app that will let you give yourself a break. 

It's a simple memory game, similar to Simon Says, but less abstract and easy enough for preschoolers to play alone. It's a music game too, developing interest in singing. No ads, no IAPs, 100% home-made, my kid loves it.

How to play

  1. Watch the finger that points at the cats one after another 
  2. Tap the cats in the same order to repeat the song


Full description

"Cat's Memory - Baby songs" is a game for kids, not for advertisers.
* No ads
* No in-app purchases
* Difficulty is adequate for three year old children
* Simple interface
Meet seven cats: Pink Fluffy, Red Paw, Redhead, Yell-Aww, Ginger, Purple Tom and Green Feline. They do their best to meow, miaow and mew classic child songs. They sing old American, Chinese and Polish folk songs, because why not? It's a game about remembering after all! They even meow Chopin!
But "Cat music - Baby songs" is not only about kid music! Cats play a MEMORY GAME with young girls and boys. When a child makes a mistake, cats hiss and sing out-of tune, but then they help out by giving hints. Kittens wave ears to attract attention and I that doesn't help, summon the mighty Finger the Bandmaster. There are several types of hints - visual and voice suggestions.
"Baby music - cat songs" is a game similar to "Simon Says", but less abstract and more simple. Minor's goal is to tap cats in order to replay their song. The sequence is presented in the most natural way: a big in-game finger points the cats. Infant should follow this instruction and repeat the sequence. It's super-easy, like preschool games, but it's not mindless! When a youngster succesfully repeats the song, your little player actually has a sense of satisfaction. The game is made by a father, tested by kids and iterated many times, each melody is easy enough.
Melody timing is based on music notation, but also slowed down where necessary, to reduce difficulty. Is watching and repeating the song too easy? Then try to copy the tempo and harmony of the presented tune! Or on the contrary: play this game like a "cat piano", hit random sounds and watch furry musicians doing silly faces.
My son wasn't interested in singing, but after playing "Cat music - Baby Songs" at first he started meowing, then humming, then asking about the lyrics and finally singing along with me! I believe this game is a perfect opportunity for starting a sing along fun with your little girl or boy.
So if you've got a child in a preschool or even nursery age, why don't you replace those greedy, ad-infested "apps for children" made by major publishers (hey Tale Fong, Pink Tab, Toono Toots) and try "Cat music - Baby Songs" for a moment. Maybe it's less shiny and professionally made, but at least it attempts to deliver a valuable experience, tailored for young kids. And by doing this you can support a beginning indie developer, who made this whole app (except for the meows, miaowed by my beloved fiance).
Have fun!
* Seven cute cats
* Six emotional animations
* Fifteen songs
* Twenty two meows of different pitch
* Purrple cats
In conculsion:

Is it a proper game for kids? Yes! A game for children? Yes! A kid game, kids game or a kidsgame? Definitely! A playground game? No. Does it implant some extra memory in toddlers? No, it just develops their own naturally :) Is it about baby songs? Not only! Is this game convenient for children? Absolutely! Does it match cognitive competence of a three year old? Tested and confirmed. My opinion about other games for kids? Pou wouldn't play them. Can children be taught singing with this app? It helps. Is it a puzzle game? No. Can it improve concentration? Yes, on a preschool level. What this game will improve in a little player? Attitide towards singing. Is it like other learning games? No, it's a toy first of all. 4 kids? Sure. Concerning kid memory? Yes, kids memory games does challenge kids memory. Will my little player be quiet and entertained at the same time? YES! Additional guiding from a parent necessary? No. Musical instruments used? Cats. Kid-friendly kids fun 4kids? Naturally! Fur kinder? Klar!

Monday, August 3, 2015

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